Membrain Partners With Winning by Design to Provide Playbooks for Sales Strategy Execution

Membrain, the sales effectiveness platform company, has partnered with Winning By Design, the global Sales as a Science strategy consulting and training company for high-growth SaaS companies, to place Winning By Design’s powerful sales playbooks directly within every salesperson’s daily workflow, using Membrain’s software-as-a-service platform.

The world is changing and the global cut-throat competition is making products look more and more similar to buyers. Never before has how you sell been so important. This places large pressure on sales teams in all organizations to improve their sales strategies, knowledge and skills and to implement modern technology to orchestrate and empower professional execution.

Organizations who treat sales as a science and adopt a data-driven and process-driven sales method, will win big.

Dominique Levin, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Winning By Design

The new partnership integrates Winning By Design’s proven SaaS Sales Method playbooks directly into Membrain’s flexible platform, to give sales teams turn-by-turn directions about what to do in each stage of the sales process to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

“Sales teams need to stop winging it. Organizations who treat sales as a science and adopt a data-driven and process-driven sales method will win big. Having a sales process is one thing, but having your entire team adopt it, is another altogether. For this, you need turn-by-turn directions for your sales team. This is exactly what Membrain can provide,” says Dominique Levin, co-founder and Managing Partner at Winning By Design.

Membrain has licensed Winning By Design SaaS Sales Method playbooks, training videos, and data normalization framework to be integrated into Membrain’s platform. Membrain can be used as a replacement of traditional CRMs, or as a complement to an existing CRM. Instead of referring to external q-cards and sales playbooks, then filling out worksheets or checklists in a document and then transferring that information into a CRM, salespeople will be able to do all of those activities directly inside the CRM visual workflows.

The partnership signals a continuing commitment on the part of both companies to achieve greater sales effectiveness and elevate the sales profession.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide Winning By Design’s blueprints inside of Membrain,” says George Brontén, president of Membrain. “Their systematic approach to sales is a natural fit for our philosophy of enabling salespeople to execute on strategy, and our process-oriented platform is a natural fit for blueprints for sales success.”

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Winning By Design is the premier provider of Sales as a Science strategy consulting and coaching programs for SaaS sales and other high-velocity sales organizations. Clients range from Adobe to Zenefits on five continents. The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, California with global offices in Europe, China, Brazil, and Australia. To learn more visit

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